philosophy: I take an active and collaborative approach to my work with clients, drawing attention to the complex range of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that may be impeding a greater sense of well-being. Therapy works best when an individual feels safe and supported, while also being challenged to do the valuable work of self-exploration. To that end, I bring enthusiasm and warmth to my clinical work, and encourage mutual curiosity and openness as we explore areas for growth and goals for change.

As a psychodynamically trained psychotherapist, I believe that our early life experiences impact our current understanding and expectations of ourselves and others. By gaining insight into these connections, we can make more well-informed choices to improve our lives. While increased awareness is often helpful, I find it important to also assist my clients in developing active coping skills, maximizing their strengths, and establishing new behaviors that may enhance satisfaction. I believe these proactive steps, along with deeper insight and a strong working relationship, creates the most effective therapeutic experience.

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